Once you start up with Web sitehostingcentral you will have your own personalized Control Panel like this....
Uncompress Software - Extact files from .zip, .gz, and .tar
Create a Form - Choose from predesigned forms, or create your own (all filled out forms are sent back through email)
File Manager - Copy/Modify/Delete files
Remove ^M's - Remove ^M's from files (necessary for Perl scripts edited on a PC)
Check Perl Scripts - Check for syntax errors in your Perl scripts
Update CGI's - Update the permissions on your cgis to make them executable
Install New Software - Add new features to your site (search engines, guestbooks, etc)
Site Preferences
E-Mail Settings - View/Modify E-Mail POP3 Accounts, Forwarding Accounts, and Auto-Responders
User Settings - View/Modify User Settings, including username, password, address and billing info
Modify HTPassword - Set Web Passwords for your site
Modify HTAccess - Control which web users have access to your web directories
View Web Site Usage Statistics - Which pages are most popular? How many hits / day / month / year, etc.
Installed Software
Access Administration areas of your Installed Software - Bulletin Board, Shopping Cart, Search Engine, Guestbook, etc.
Submit It! - Submit your site to popular search engines!
Got a Question? - Send E-Mail to Tech support

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