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What is the path to the Perl executable?

Perl is located in the /bin/perl directory. For compatibility with other Perl scripts, the Perl executable can also be found in /usr/local/bin/perl and /usr/bin/perl.

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Why doesn't my Perl script work?

The most common Perl script problem is that ^M's are on the end of each line. This is due to editing Perl scripts on a PC. To remove ^M's, go to the Control Panel and select "Remove ^M's". Enter the name of the Perl script, and press [RETURN].

Another common Perl error is not having "execute" permission turned on. To make sure that permission to execute the script is turned on, go to the Control Panel, select "Update CGI's", and press "Update".

If the Perl script still doesn't work, you may have an error in your script. To check your Perl syntax, go to the Control Panel and select "Check Perl Scripts". Enter the name of your Perl script and press "Check Script".

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What is PHP? Do you have documentation for it?

PHP is a server processed HTML file, similart to Active Server Pages. PHP is substantially faster than Perl CGI's, but less standard. PHP files end in either .php or .phtml. You can find documentation for PHP here.

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How do I access Statistics?

Go to your Control Panel and choose "View Web Site Usage Statistics". Under mkstats, press 'update'. (NOTE: If you do not see mkstats, you may need to install it. To do this, press "Install Software" and choose mkstats).

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Are 2000 megabytes of data transfer going to be enough to support my web site?

We are led to believe that 2000 megabytes per month will be more than enough bandwidth for the average web site. Depending on the quantity and sizes of your files, this could support many thousands of hits per month. Our other plans accommodate greater amounts data transfer.

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