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Can I resell space in my account?

Yes. You can resell space inside your account, but you will not be able to have different domain names point to your account, and you will only have access to one password for FTP transfers. Your users can use www.yourcompany.com/theirdirectory. You are also responsible for all of the content.

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Who handles support questions for a reseller's customer?

You are responsible for all of your own clients needs, which includes tech support and billing. If there is a client question that you are unable to answer, web sitehostingcentral can provide you with tech support at an additional monthly rate.

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What discount rates do I get as a reseller?

We offer our resellers various discounts dependant upon the number of sitehostingcentral clients that are signed on, here are the current rates.

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Can I charge my clients any amount I want?

Since we bill you directly, and you bill your clients directly, you have the ability to charge whatever you deem appropriate.

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