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What is a POP3 mailbox?

POP3 (Post Office Protocol) is an e-mail protocol supported by several programs such as Outlook Express, Netscape, and Eudora. Think of it as your own P.O. Box in our office.

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How do I create a POP3 mailbox for my domain?

To create a POP3 mailbox:

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How do I use my POP3 mailbox?

Start up your mail reading software, and find your POP3 configuration settings.
Set your POP3 server (incomming mail server) to mail.< Your Domain Name > .
Set your SMTP server to your Internet Service Provider's SMTP server

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What is a Forward address?

A Forward address is an e-mail address at your domain that automatically winds up in your current mailbox. (EX: sales@yourdomain.com can be delivered to yourlogin@aol.com).

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How do I create a Forward address?

To create a Forwarded address:

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What is an Auto Responder?

An Auto Responder is an e-mail response that automatically responds with a text file. For example, info@yourcompany.com may automatically respond with information about your company.

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How do I configure my Auto Responders?

To create an Auto-Responder:

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