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What is Virtual Web Hosting?

Web Hosting means that we provide a home for your website establish your presence on the Internet. Web sitehostingcentral registers a unique domain name (www.yourcompanyname.com) which becomes your address on the World Wide Web. Since you will have your own domain name, it wont seem as though you are renting web space and since you can receive e-mail at that domain, your company will appear to be connected directly to the internet.

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Do you offer dial-up Internet access?

Websitehostingcentral itself is not an Internet service provider. However, our affiliate, The Connection is and can provide you with dial-up access at a very reasonable rate. You can visit The Connection by pointing your browser to www.cnct.com.

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Do you offer web page design services?

Though Web sitehostingcentral is not a design company, we can provide your company with its own unique Internet presence through the services of our affiliate, Digital Ink. You can visit Digital Ink and view the company's "online portfolio" by connecting to www.digink.com.

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How do I upgrade from one plan to another?

You can upgrade from plans by sending a request to sales@sitehostingcentral.net or by calling us at either (888) WWW-SPACE or (201) 653-9300. All plans have a one-time $35 set up fee.

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Can I update my pages as many times as I want?

Since our computer system is working 24/7, you will be able to make changes and send new files whenever you like, there is no extra charge.

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How can I monitor Web usage statistics?

All Web sitehostingcentral accounts come with a Web page which allows our members to see usage statistics. This page is available inside of your site in the /stats directory. In order to view the stats simply point your browser at http://www.yourcompanyname.com/stats.

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Can I use my account for commercial purposes?

Absolutely, your account can be used for any type of site you like. You can make use of all of the tools we provide (with no additional fees), and you can employ secure transactions if you choose.

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Do you accept international orders?

Yes. We welcome international orders and can provide international extensions for the domain name (ex: yourcompany.de).

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How long has Web sitehostingcentral been in business?

Websitehostingcentral has operated under a different trade name, The Internet Connection Corp., since 1994. This makes us an 'old' company in the Internet timetable.

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Do you offer technical support to customers?

Yes. You can send e-mail with questions to support@sitehostingcentral.net. Otherwise, you can contact us by telephone at (201) 653-9300.

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How long does it take to set up a new account?

All orders that are placed with Web sitehostingcentral and contain all of the order information is processed within 1 hour. Once an account is set up, you will receive an activation notice via e-mail including a user ID, password, and FTP hostname. You may then begin uploading files to your new web site immediately.

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How do I place an order?

You can place an order for a Virtual domain account directly from our web site 24 hours a day or by calling (888) WWW-SPACE between the hours of 9AM-8PM EST Monday through Friday.

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