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What are some FrontPage Features?

FrontPage is a WSYWIG ("What You See Is What You Get") web building tool. It allows you to drag-and-drop buttons, images, modify fonts, build tables, etc in an easy to use environment. FrontPage can also automatically update your web site for you!

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What is the FrontPage Explorer?

The FrontPage Explorer is the FrontPage's tool for navigating around your site. Through the FrontPage Explorer, you can add new web pages, select which pages to modify, and move pages around your site. FrontPage Explorer is like the Windows Explorer for your web site.

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What is the FrontPage Editor?

FrontPage Editor is the actual HTML editor where you build your web sites.

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How do I publish my Current FrontPage Web?

If you are developing your FrontPage web on you hard drive and you want to Publish your web:

If you are starting from scratch and want to develop your FrontPage web to always publish over to your domain:

  • choose "File|Exisiting Web"
  • When it asks for the web server enter http://< your domain name > and press List Webs.
  • Select < Root Web >.

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Can I give other people access to publish to my site?

Currently, you can not add other Web Administrators" to your web. If you want multiple to work on the same FrontPage Web, everybody must use the same username and password.

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Can I publish with FrontPage 97?

Yes, FrontPage 97 is compatible with the FrontPage 98 extensions. The FrontPage 98 extensions have more feature though.

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What are the FrontPage 98 server extensions?

The FrontPage 98 server extensions allow FrontPage 98 to automatically publish your web site, and use the FrontPage Components (formerly known as WebBots) in your web site. The FrontPage 98 server extensions run on our web servers here.

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How do I get FrontPage 98 Extensions?

You do not have to "get the FrontPage 98 Extensions" they run on our web servers and are installed your domain automatically.

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Is there any fee for the installation of FrontPage extensions?

No, they are included in your subscription

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