Current Plan: bronze
15 Pop3 E-Mail Accounts
15 Forwarding E-Mail Accounts
15 Auto-Responder E-Mail Accounts
50 Megs HD Storage
2000 Megs Site Transfer

Domain Name Registration (
Unlimited FTP Transfers/Updates
Redundant Net Connection
Unlimited E-Mail Forwarding
Anonymous FTP
CGI Scripting Supported
Online Form Generator
Front Page 98(tm) Extensions Supported
Configurable Guestbook
True Speech System
Web Stats 24/7
Daily Backups
UPS Protected Server
No Minimum Contract
$3.00 Pop3 E-Mail Account $
Use our server for sending/receiving your email messages.
# of Additional Accounts :
$1.00 E-Mail Forwarding Account $
Set up an email account which forwards received email at your domain name to another account on the Internet.
# of Additional Accounts :
$1.00 E-Mail Auto Responder Account $
Set up an email account which responds to inquiries with a preset text file. Great for accounts like or (in case someone wants to request information about your company and you dont want to type the same message in again and again).
# of Additional Accounts :
$1.00/5 Megs Storage Space $
Need more Hard Drive space?
Block(s) of 5 Megs!
$40.00/500 Megs Site Traffic $
Need more bandwidth for your site?
Block(s) of 500 Megs Site Traffic.
Total: $