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Founded in 1994, The Internet Connection Corporation has been providing Internet access to thousands of customers. As the Internet continued to expand and experience its tremendous growth, The Internet Connection grew and realized new opportunities on the Internet. One of these opportunities, the World Wide Web, fueled the expansion of The Connection into a new and separate company.

This new company was named Digital Ink Media Group and was dedicated to providing quality service to the Web community. Web sitehostingcentral, Digital Ink's premier web hosting service incorporates the networking experience of The Internet Connection Corp., and its own quality web design experience, to bring Web sitehostingcentral customers the best features, quality service, and reliability of any hosting service on the Net today.

Web sitehostingcentral currently hosts over a thousand web sites, and we are constantly upgrading and updating our systems to match our customers' needs. We realize that your success is our success and strive to meet each customers individual needs. We are so confident that you will not find a better service to host your site, that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Web sitehostingcentral customers use our industrial strength servers running on Sun Microsystems computers that are configured and tested with secure UNIX operating systems. We use Cisco routers and a redundant fiber optic connection to the Internet to ensure that you get the most reliability for your site.

We take customer service seriously, that is why you can phone us Toll Free if you have any questions at 888-WWW-SPACE. Our goal is to help you succeed with your new Internet presence, let us show you how easy it can be to host with Web sitehostingcentral!

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